Buy a Book, You Need It

I revel in the latest age of technology as much as the next young adult.

After a while, I started to forget the novelty of feeling a book in my hands, the scent of the paper coming off the page. Today’s read is whiskey words & a shovel III by r.h. Sin. And I honestly cannot remember the last time I found a book that I connected to as much as I did with this one.

It’s very rare for a writer to find a piece of literature that might as well be theirs. Your words are your own, and there is a distinct quality to every writer that is immensely difficult to replicate. Without the soul of the original writer, it all just becomes words on paper.

I read this book backwards, starting from the middle. With each page I found words that I might have told someone else and words that I would have loved to hear. It’s an incredible ability to read what might as well have been a letter from your past life.

Note to self: thank an author any chance you get. You never know whose life they’re changing.


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