The growing number of Kpop groups just keeps increasing every year with reappearing groups and new rookies to shine. It’s still early into the year for 2018 and what’s a better way to start it than Astro firing up their FIRST EVER fanmeet in the USA!


Astro, a South Korean boy group signed under Fantagio Entertainment, alongside other fantastic groups like Hello Venus and Weki Meki, consists of six highly talented members (from left to right in the picture above): MJ, Cha Eunwoo, Yoon Sanha, Moonbin, Rocky, and JinJin. The group debuted on February 23, 2016 with a fandom named Aroha (abbreviated for “Astro Hearts All Fans”).

In the past, the group has made a couple visits to the US for their first appearance at KCON LA 2016 and their second for the following year at KCON LA 2017 as part of the hot artist lineup.

Although this may not be their first time performing here in the states, it will mark history for them to hold their own “2018 ASTRO GLOBAL Fanmeet in the USA” hosted by KPOPME Entertainment and hit major cities including San Francisco, Washington D.C., New York, and last but not least Los Angeles!

This lively boy group has hit millions of views on Youtube and has been capturing many of fans’ hearts with their crazy personalities both off and on stage. I had the chance to see one of my favorite groups on February 4th at the Los Angeles stop and I, as a supporter, and as well as other amazing Arohas that have been following Astro since the beginning of their debut was extremely excited for what stages and surprises the lively and bright group had in store to make this tour an enjoyable experience.

I recall arriving at the Novo venue in Downtown LA a few hours before the show and turning around the corner to see some fans spotting the group’s colors of vivid plum and space purple in different styles, whether it be via crazy hairstyles, flashy outfits, or cool slogans. They all represented their own form of  love for Astro, and it made me happy to be able to feel all the enthusiastic energy by the fans.

About an hour or so before the show, many anxious bodies began to fill the building trying to find their designated seats or crowding over at the merch table waiting to purchase the limited tour apparel and signed albums they’ve prepared. Despite attending solo, being surrounded by friendly Arohas made it easy not to feel all alone. It was more like being part of a close family – surely all fandoms could relate to this. Minutes before the show, the purple shining lights shine down and open up with KPOPME’s dance cover contest winner, UCR student Haeri Seong, as he performs an energetic cover of Astro’s “Baby” and secretly steals a few hearts from the audience with his alluring aura.

▶ Check out Haeri Seong’s Opening Act: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyhfzVtok6g

Throughout the fanmeet, Astro keeps an upbeat energy for their fellow Arohas with flashy performances of their popular title songs from their debut song “Hide & Seek” to their popping tropical house song “Baby.” We can’t forget their most recent release of “Crazy Sexy Cool” from the Dream Part.02 extended album. As much as Astro was happy to be back in the states, the fans’ heartwarming responses sent chills down my spine. To hear the fan chants loud and clear as the room illuminates from the vivid purple light sticks was all too memorable. Out of their setlist, “You&Me” is marked in my memories with its signature dance. The group teaches the fans a short dance where we interact with each other in the song.

At that moment, MoonBin reasons that, “Even if you don’t know each other, we should all be friends from now on!” His little, admirable comment brightens up the audience to make everyone feel much more comfortable.

Certainly, there was not one dull moment to bore on. The feeling of seeing Rocky dance with his charismatic moves during his duo performances, hearing MJ’s powerful high notes, or witnessing maknae SanHa’s cute but crazy personality with the members creates nothing more but pure happiness for me because they were truly my center of smiles on any day. Everyone who attended can agree that it felt like a dream, while shakened individuals shed overwhelmed tears. And not to forget the fun Game Time of “What’s In The Box?” they played that filled the Novo venue with laughter from their terrified expressions and surprising charms. Just like any other Kpop event, it was a night filled with special memories to cherish in the future.

As the fanmeet comes to an end, the boys make comments about how worried they were about the expectations of the fanmeet, but JinJin reassures in the end that they didn’t have to feel concerned at all due to the extreme amount of love and support they received that night as well as the rest of the major city stops. It becomes prior knowledge to the group and locks in their growing popularity for more to come.

Although it was a short event, the leader of the group remarked that Arohas can expect Astro to comeback again in time for a full concert to enjoy with their fans!

Are you also part of the Aroha family?

Support Astro by following their social media for more of their comeback updates~

ASTRO Facebook :http://facebook.com/offclASTRO
ASTRO Twitter :http://twitter.com/offclASTRO
ASTRO Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/officialastro
ASTRO Weibo :http://weibo.com/officialASTRO
 ASTRO Fancafe :http://cafe.daum.net/fantagio-boys

ASTRO – “CRAZY SEXY COOL” MV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeUx0AN2kCA

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