Surviving in the world of hip hop, an artist’s life isn’t as carefree and easy as some people may believe it is. Massive amounts of dedication and time are poured into every bit of sweat spent on precious work when creating music. In fact, a majority of artists who are well-known today started at rock bottom before building up the recognition they share now with their fans.

Starting at the age of 16 in the city of San Diego, GMNI/GEMINI, began exploring his passion for music and took an initial turn towards a career. Carrying into his 20s, he discovered that his aspiring love for it had more meaning and value as he grew more mature on stage, leading him to become committed to the arts and performing in the industry by writing original lyrics mixing in with amazing covers and remixes of his favorite artists.

On February 9th, 2018, the hardworking rapper released his new intro song called “NEVER CHANGED” featuring Chaun From The Start which delivers a moderate tempo hip hop mix that showcases headstrong lyrics. Similar to his past collaborations, this smooth-flowing track follows up with his former struggles as he continues on as an underground artist.

One certainty about GMNI is his solo vibe, he represents how caring for the “haters” is not worth dwelling on since it only makes us feel smaller in this world. A person’s life should not be controlled by what others may think or say. One should be able to do what makes them happy and thrive by their own means.

As the rapper sets up this concept for himself, GMNI advances on as a musician, hoping to break stereotypes in both the American and the Korean music industry. Without a doubt, his talent for making music serves the benefit of his style and is his way of thanking the fans, whether new or old, for supporting him as they have been from all over the world.

Through the many sacrifices he made and countless struggles he experienced, this intro to his new approaching album sets a reflection of his own story and a new beginning.

Stay tuned as we’ll be releasing an exclusive interview with GMNI himself!

Check out GMNI’s social media to keep an eye out for his future projects!

GMNI Facebook :http://facebook.com/OfficialGemini
GMNI Twitter :http://twitter.com/OfficialGemini1
GMNI Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/whoisgemini

CHAUN From The Start Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/chuan1stplace

Official Merchandise : http://www.officialgemini.bigcartel.com/

GMNI – Never Changed (INTRO) Feat. CHAUN From The Start https://youtu.be/3qN2K93K1-c

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