As more and more artists from the Korean R&B scene grow past their stages, underground artists create their own storms with new beats and an unfamiliar sound, captivating audiences outside of the spotlight. While these artists work hard, the fans are slowly digging deep enough to find new music, and, sure enough, Rollyboi is one of them. Rollyboi is an artist you can find in 4am playlists on YouTube where many artists have their followings due to the growing popularity of channels that showcase underappreciated artists. LumiScript had the privilege of getting a better look into Rollyboi and who he is as an artist.


Please give a self-introduction to our readers!

ROLLYBOI : I’m rapper from South Korea, belong to IIVI hiphop R&B crew.

When starting out as a Korean rapper known as ROLLYBOI, what made you consider to step out into the music world?

ROLLYBOI : I just studied art before recording music, but nothing interesting about drawing or design so otherwise. Listening rap music was my one of the hobbies. I try to record it, then I play it to my friends and it was a positive reaction.

In addition, the music area is not as easy for some, how do you plan to show yourself more as you continue to ride in the Hip-Hop industry?

ROLLYBOI : Now a days, I have a super talented co-workers called GILLA, OPO, Rheehab, Sinstealer, FR:EDEN and BOiTELLO. They all have their own vibes and feelings, so I have conviction about our moves. We just keep going and show us.

Considering that you have done projects with other known underground artists, such as RHEEHAB, FR:EDEN, and BIG BANANA. How does their Hip-Hop & Rap style differ from yours when planning? Are there any particular artists you’d like to possibly work with in the future?

ROLLYBOI : I think I socialize with a lot of female R&B singers; lot’s of beautiful voices in this scene, typically YAYOUNG and Jerd.

Back in the beginning of December in 2017, you had the chance to stand on a stage and perform at an event in Hongdae called “This Ember” what were some lasting memories that left an impression on you? How were your expectations different from the actual success of the event?

ROLLYBOI: It was wonderful concert, lots of fans and friends came our show. I didn’t expect that phenomenon, and the lasting memory was [when] they all sang my song together. I was so impressed by that.

With the record of releasing many singles, on January 29th, 2018, you released your first EP titled “#ITSBEENALONG” along with its own physical. Can you tell us how the influence behind the track list came about?

ROLLYBOI : I conscripted into the army in November of 2015 to August of 2017. When I [was]  discharged from military, I felt that I had to make some project to warn me about the entertainment [industry]. So I pressed my own physical [of] only 50 pieces, [to] give it to my fans for free and the rest [of the] CD’s for the agency or entertainment.


Out of all the tracks of “#ITSBEENALONG,” your fans/listeners really fond of the track “ME.” Why do you think your listeners favored this track in particular? How does that song reflect you?

ROLLYBOI : [I] expected that reaction, because the “ME” track was the popular vibe song. So,  it would have been easy to get close. I love that song, too.

As you continue to create inspiring music, do you have any thoughts of putting together a music video for your fans? If so, what concept would you try to shoot for in terms of your music approach?

ROLLYBOI : I’m ready to shoot my video with my co-worker AKA “763video.” I can’t tell about concept, but it will be a great move in this scene. I [am] sure [of] that.

The world still has a lot to know more about ROLLYBOI’s story, how do you want the music industry to recognize and remember the style you portray?

ROLLYBOI: [I am] trying to put my pure side [into] in my track. I want to be like that artist who influenced me. I can give you the love, [the] interest even that is negative, I don’t care…just imprint me on music industry. The music artist from South Korea.

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