A Gentle Breakdown of What the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp Situation is Doing to Feminism and #MeToo

Most of us remember the year #MeToo erupted as a silent but mighty movement. Hundreds and millions of women shocked social media with the simple #MeToo hashtag, and it opened the eyes of the public to exactly how common sexual assault is and how many women are silent survivors. #MeToo allowed survivors to speak up without needing to go into detail, and the rally behind these women was massive.

In time, #MeToo became #BelieveAllWomen or #BelieveWomen. The silent consequence to the evolution of this movement is that it became gender specific.

Sexual assault is not gender specific—so the movement should be either.

The concept of male sexual assault is, for some reason, still so new. The amount of Law & Order: SVU episodes that have male victims is grossly outnumbered by episodes with female victims, and often enough the male victims are almost always closeted-gay men. This just isn’t the reality, and if we don’t tackle this now, we’re going to see the collapse of the rape shield law and the principle that we should believe victims. We’re going to see more victims on trial instead of rapists. Everything #MeToo had accomplished to force the public to see the reality of assault will disappear all because of one woman using the collective history of other victims to punish her own victim.

If you want to open your eyes to how many men have been quiet about their assaults, look at Reddit. Ever since the Johnny Depp trial started, there has been an overwhelming amount of new posts from men who either have been assaulted and kept it a secret or who have been the victim of a false accusation. Their lives were ruined because everyone sided with the women.

Let’s remind ourselves that feminism is not the belief that women are superior and should be accepted before men. Feminism is the belief that above all we are human and should be treated equally but with equity.

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