Healthy Habits to Save You from Impulse Shopping: Beauty Edition

The “Beauty Influencer Gasp” has taken over as a new term on TikTok, but even those who debunk influencing by “de-influencing” are still finding a way to profit off fake reviews. It’s no secret that the return of Jeffree Star has called out the integrity of many top earning influencers, but even then, their follower count still isn’t dropping the way you think it would.

What is the “Beauty Influencer Gasp”?

In short, this is the signature dramatized gasp you hear once an influencer opens a product or applies a product. Sometimes, you’ll catch them gasp a millisecond before the product is even applied, and honestly, once you hear it, you can’t unhear it. This isn’t to say that a true review doesn’t involve a gasp or two, but once an influencer has lost credibility, it’s all you hear.

De-Influencing is the New Influencing

As broken down by user @the_rogue_essentials on TikTok, notorious influencers have seemingly taken over this new trend of telling you what not to buy, and they’re doing it by sneaking in affiliate codes, Amazon shopping lists, and other promotions. The origin of de-influencing had good, honest roots. It was started with the intention of fighting back against paid influencer reviews for products that weren’t as amazing as big creators said they were. Unfortunately, creators took over this space, and some are using it for more views.

Impulse Purchasing is Not Going Away

#tiktokmademebuyit is not stopping any time soon. TikTok is arguably the biggest and most accessible platform in the world, and it has the power to build up businesses in ways that other ads never could. The “impulse purchase” is not a bad thing, but with the looming fear of over-consumption hanging over consumer’s heads, you need to know that there is still a way to buy from new businesses without going off the deep end. Here are some healthy habits and essential questions to ask yourself before you finish that path-to-purchase.

Is this influencer someone I trust?

There are only two influencers I trust, and of the two, I only purchase because of one. I don’t know these people personally, but I know I can rely on their reviews because they are creatures of habit. They don’t indulge very often on beauty products, so I know that if they use something repetitively instead of once for a review, I’m more likely to like the product myself. Another point to consider, this influencer has the same skin type as me. This takes the trouble out of figuring out how a product will look after six hours myself. Essentially, find your go-to influencer. If they haven’t failed you yet, you can trust what they show you.

Do I need this now?

I’ve fallen victim to this more than once. After owning three different blush products, it’s not hard to see when you just have a problem, and you really don’t need another item. Beauty products are meant to be used up, remember that. All this means is that eventually, the products you have will be used up in time, and more importantly, they will inevitably expire – making just a bit more room in your beauty drawer for new items. New beauty drops don’t disappear overnight. Save yourself and your wallet, and use the products you have and already love before committing to that next purchase.

Does this price look right?

While this question might require some extra research, it’s worth it in the end. There are a huge variety of beauty products on the market, all of different values for whatever reason. All companies need to make money! There will be a profit-margin regardless, but you can easily ask yourself if the product is worth your money. “Dupe” products can be worth just as much as the real thing but for a fraction of the price.

Bad Shopping Habits are Difficult to Break

But it’s not impossible! Social media and the rise of e-commerce have made it easier than ever to purchase something within five minutes of seeing it for the first time. However, unlike going to the store, you can walk around with the item in your cart for the next few hours, and then put it back when you ultimately decide you don’t need it. Ads will keep reintroducing the same product to you every time you scroll through your feed, so asking yourself these few questions can help save your spending habits and pack your beauty bag with items you love and will continue to use.


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