How to Try Parisian Fashion: What You WON’T Find on Pinterest!

I spent this past Easter weekend in Paris, and it could not have been more eye-opening. Despite the rainy weather during the week, I was able to see how effortless fashion was in Paris and how Pinterest can really be misleading when you’re looking for Parisian fashion inspo. Aside from the staple trench (obviously, still a necessity for any capsule wardrobe), there are a handful of other “rules” or concepts to consider if you want to look like a local.

It’s not about the piece; it’s about how it fits.

It’s no secret that the wide-leg trouser has taken over social media as the must-have. However, the streets of Paris taught me that not all trousers are made equal. Just because your friend owns this particular brand’s trouser doesn’t mean you should by the same.

When looking for the right pair of pants – denim included – consider your body shape. For me, I have wider hips and muscular calves. With my proportions, if a trouser is too wide, it can make my legs look lost in the fabric. The same cannot be said for someone who is slimmer. Trousers come in so many different cuts. It may have to do with the occasion, but I recommend taking the time to try on what style fits you best. If the piece is flattering, you can do no wrong, but what’s flattering on you might not be on me!

If you can’t knock the athleisure, limit yourself to one item per outfit.

The epicenter of American fashion according to Europeans is athleisure, and it’s also the bane of their existence! To them, unless you’re going to the gym or coming home from it, leave the leggings at home. So what’s the secret to keeping those Lululemons while sticking to a local’s rule of fashion?

Only one athletic item per outfit. There’s a balance for everything. If you’re going to wear your favorite old trainers, match it with nice pair of trousers and a bomber jacket. For leggings, try a loose button-up with flats or mules.

Not all trench coats are the same.

I came to Paris with a spring green trench coat from H&M. The color is flattering, and it lands just above my knees. It just so happened that the friend I was traveling with needed a trench of her own, and what could be a better souvenir than a trench coat from a vintage store?

As she tried on different coats from Barracuda – a cute and crowded vintage shop only steps way – she landed on one that fell just above her ankles. It fit so differently than mine, and it suited her perfectly.

There’s a reason why trench coats are in everyone’s closet in Europe. The air is dry, but the occasional spring rain calls for something light that still protects you from the wind. If you ever go to Paris, I seriously recommend stopping into your nearest vintage shop and taking stock.

The perfect black loafer exists, and it belongs in your closet.

Most frequently seen item worn in Paris? A black loafer.

The moment I got home, I began looking up the most comfortable yet fashionable black loafer in the market, and all I learned was that there are so many to choose from. All you need to do is pick one, and you’ll see that it goes with almost anything you could think of.

The first thing people should tell you about traveling to Paris is that you need to expect a lot of walking. If you’re like me who always battles an internal conflict between function and fashion, trust me when I say that the perfect black loafer is somewhere in the middle.

What are you packing for your next trip? xx


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