NEW COLLAB: ALESTI (feat. Until I Wake) – Intoxicated 

ALESTI, the solo producer Stian Alsaker, whose goal is to produce single tracks with a variety of artists within the rock and metal genres has released his newest project with one of Fearless Record’s newest groups Until I Wake. The artists who have collaborated with Alsaker include Monuments‘ Andy Cizek and Spain-based Teksuo‘s front man Diego Teksuo. The most recent collaboration features vocals from Until I Wake‘s Cody Johnson. 

The solo track titled “Intoxicated” is a blend of synth-electronic and metalcore without dipping too far into one subgenre over the other. Per Alsaker, each track is meant to have a different feel, and vocals are chosen specifically for each track. Johnson’s balance of clean and scream vocals fluctuate the tone of the song, allowing it to be digestible for those who are unfamiliar to this blended subgenre that seems to be lying in the metal underground. 

Reception for the latest drop has been positive especially because of Until I Wake‘s budding reputation as the “next-big-thing” among metalcore and post-hardcore fans. ALESTI‘s last release was back in 2020, so fans of the producer were excited to give their thoughts. 

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