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  • NEW COLLAB: ALESTI (feat. Until I Wake) – Intoxicated 

    NEW COLLAB: ALESTI (feat. Until I Wake) – Intoxicated 

    ALESTI, the solo producer Stian Alsaker, whose goal is to produce single tracks with a variety of artists within the rock and metal genres has released his newest project with one of Fearless Record’s newest groups Until I Wake. The artists who have collaborated with Alsaker include Monuments‘ Andy Cizek and Spain-based Teksuo‘s front man Diego Teksuo. The most recent…

  • The Revolution Metalcore Culture

    The Revolution Metalcore Culture

    Take our definition of a difficult life and the worst days of our lives and add ten years. The former angsty teenagers of 2008 have grown into the working class of today. The venues that were once filled with Sharpie-drawn Xs are now scattered with tattoo-clad adults, all with a beer in hand and cigarettes…

  • Interview: Alan Z

    Interview: Alan Z

    Asian artists are surely taking the world by storm. Most recently, South Korean boy group BTS made a breakthrough to mainstream listeners above the massive fanbase they already held in a less known scene. While the world of KPOP is considered highkey to those already part of this domain, American audiences are still unaware of…